refers to the patients' first operation.
There are many reasons patients seek Rhinoplasty.

Some common reasons are: 

  • A hump on the bridge

  • Asymmetry 

  • A bulbous tip

  • An overprojected tip 

  • A droopy tip 

  • A wide tip or bridge 

  • Breathing/functional issues

During the initial consult, we will discuss all the motivations for the operation, and both what is achievable and what is not. It is important to understand that there are many limitations in this operation. No nose is perfect before surgery, and certainly no nose is perfect afterwards. All Rhinoplasty patients, primary or revision, will have imperfections post operatively. Fortunately, the vast majority of these are very minor, and imperceivable to the untrained eye. 


We perform structure Rhinoplasty in all cases, and at all times. This means that we are not simply removing things from the nose, but rather re-shaping, re-orienting, and supporting the nose. This is critical to achieve and maintain both the maximal functional and aesthetic result, long term. 

There is no objective measurement of what constitutes a "successful" Rhinoplasty. This is due to the fact that every human being has a different perception of what the ideal nose looks like. We ultimately aim to create a natural, refined, functional, and durable result in every single patient we perform surgery on. This requires different techniques and a different operation for each patient.